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For those of that enjoy using messaging apps, WhatsApp is the second most popular, lying behind Messenger. WhatsApp is used by more than a billion people every day but it still doesn’t give users all of the features they want, such as in-app customisation. For that, you need WhatsApp++, a modified version of the app that is packed with extra features .

Image : WhatsApp++ Download Tutorial

WhatsApp++ Features :

As well as all the features of the stock app, WhatsApp++ also includes:

  • The ability to hide your Online and your Last Seen statuses
  • The ability to lock and unlock WhatsApp++ using Touch ID and Passcode
  • The ability to send DRM free music 
  • The ability to share however much media you want in one go
  • The ability to customize the colors and text
  • The ability to record audio using a single tap 
  • The ability to use a full profile pic instead of a cropped one
  • The ability to disable delivery receipts

If that weren’t enough, you also don’t need to jailbreak to download and install WhatsApp++

How to Download WhatsApp++ :

You can’t get WhatsApp++ through the app store so you must first download an app installer called AppValley:

  1. Follow the instructions at the link to Download AppValley [ Full Tutorial ]
  2. Open AppValley and search for WhatsApp++
  3. Download WhatsApp++ by tapping the relevant search result 
  4. Enjoy all the great new features you get with WhatsApp++

Fixing WhatsApp++ Errors :

If you are a first-time user of WhatsApp++ there is one common error that you may come across and that is when the app doesn’t work. Luckily, the fix for this is very simple and is something you could do before you even try to run WhatsApp++ for the first time:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open your Settings App
  2. Tap on General and then Profile and Device Management 
  3. Tap on the profile for WhatsApp++
  4. Tap Trust and then close Settings
  5. WhatsApp++ will now work without any trouble

WhatsApp++ is a very simple app to use, especially if you are used to using the official app. Simply open it and get started with using all the cool new features the tweaked version gives you.

Will you be using WhatsApp++ ? You’ve nothing to lose by trying it so let us know if you do and how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tutorials along with all the latest updates.

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  1. HI,
    I follower the tutorial of downloading AppValley / add to home screen
    The second way , it instantly blink:
    App Vallet installed , but it isn’t…
    Then i tried to search whatsapp++
    but the same problem like AppValley appeared, why?
    Before a while. I usted to download them normal y as applications on my iPhone 6?
    Pls advise

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