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AppValley VIP is here, an app installer that provides us with some of what we are missing out on now that Cydia is in short supply. iOS 10 was not the best iOS version for jailbreaks, especially following the success of previous firmware versions. The few jailbreak utilities we did get to play with wouldn’t work on all iOS devices and were limited to just a couple of iOS versions, not to mention that they were all semi untethered and required Cydia Impactor to get them onto our devices.

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With AppValley VIP, we can now get back access to all the paid iOS app store content we want for free, along with some of the best modified apps, such as Pokémon Go++, SnapChat++ and Spotify++. You can also download some apps that you won’t find anywhere else. The one thing you can’t do is download AppValley from the iOS app store; instead, you will need to follow our instructions below. It is simple to do, and all you will need is your iOS device on latest iOS version.

How to Download AppValley VIP :

Please do not try this on any browser other than the Safari browser on your iOS device because nothing else will work :

  1. From your iPhone or iPad home screen, open the Safari browser and go to 
  2. Wait until the page has loaded up completely and then tap on the UP arrow , iPad users will find it top right and iPhone users bottom center of the screen 
  3. Now you will see some options along the bottom of your device screen, ap on the center option, Add to Home Screen 
  4. Type AppValley into the box to give the icon a name . Tap on Add 
  5. Close Safari and look for the new AppValley VIP app icon on your home screen 

Video: Watch to see how easy it is to download AppValley VIP

AppValley cannot ever take over from Cydia simply because it doesn’t offer enough choice. It is, however, a decent choice for anyone who cannot jailbreak right now or who doesn’t want to jailbreak their device but would still like a few extra features.

What do you think , will AppValley VIP serve as a reasonable alternative for now? Are you going to use it or will you hang fire and wait for the next jailbreak ? Tell us what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

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