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If you like simple games that have a great storyline then Minecraft is the game for you. First released for Windows, the game saw such huge popularity that mobile versions have now been released for Android and iOS. Called Minecraft PE, the game is not free to buy but we will show you a couple of tricks to get the game on both platforms without having to pay a penny for it.

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In Minecraft PE, your objective is to survive. To do this, you build your safe place, you grow crops and raise animals for food and you gather resources by exploring, hunting and manufacturing your own, all while fighting off a series of monsters that will try to end your life. If you want to give it  a go for free, read on to find out how.

How to Download Minecraft PE :

There are two ways, one for iOS and one for Android devices:

Method 1: iOS

Downloading Minecraft PE on iOS can be done through an external ap installer called AppValley. This is an alternative to Cydia, another unofficial store that provides users with tons of apps and games, tweaks and other content, including modified games and premium games for free. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Download AppValley onto your device – a full guide can be found at the link
  2. Open AppValley and go to the search bar
  3. Type in Minecraft PE and, when the results appear, tap the one that goes with your device
  4. Wait; when Minecraft PE is installed, you will see the game icon on your homepage and you can start playing.

Method 2: Android

To get Minecraft PE on your Android device you need the APK file and you can download that to your device using one of the links below. Then go to our AppValley Android page for full details on installing it:

  • Mod 1 – Unlock Premium Texture v. ( link)
  • Mod 2– Mega Mod v. ( link )

Fixing Minecraft PE Errors :

There are two errors that you are likely to come across, an Untrusted Developer error and Minecraft PE crashing. Both are simple fixes. To trust the developer source:

  1. Launch Settings>General and go to profiles
  2. Find and tap the Minecraft PE profile
  3. Close down Settings and try Minecraft PE again; it should now work

To fix the crashing issue, which is down to the certificate being revoked, you need to install a VPN on your device. This allows you to browse and download anonymously and also hides app certificates so they can’t be pulled. Have a look at our guide on using a VPN and a few suggestions on good ones to use.

  • https://nessvpn.org

AppValley is just one of many Cydia alternatives that offer free apps and games to all users. Tell us what you think of Minecraft PE and get more tips like this by following us on Facebook.

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