iRec used to be a popular download from Cydia until the developers stopped applying updates to it, leaving users having to find alternatives that did keep up with the iOS updates. Now it has been brought back to life by the developers, filled with even more features, and with full support for all iOS versions. Even better, you no longer need to jailbreak to install iRec [ext link] and we will be showing you how to do that.

Image : iRec Screen Recorder for iPhone

How to Download iRec :

This is not an app that Apple will allow in the iOS app store, but you can get it through an app installer named AppValley; here’s how:

  1. Use the guide at the link to Download AppValley 
  2. Now open it, go to the search bar and look for iRec 
  3. Select the right result, the one for your iOS version
  4. Follow any in app instructions for downloading
  5. Wait for iRec to finish installing and you can begin using it 

iRec Alternatives :

iRec is packed with features, useful and fun ones but it won’t be the screen recorder for everyone. Luckily, iRec isn’t the only screen recorder app; there are two others that are equally as good so try one of these:

  • AirShou

AirShou was always a very popular screen recorder but after it was withdrawn from Cydia for updating, it disappeared without a trace. The developers have been quietly working away, revamping AirShou to give it support for all iOS versions, lots of extra features and it now works without a jailbreak. More people can now record their videos in 1080p at 60fps, take advantage of the highest quality in stereo recording and do it all at the touch of an on-screen button. Find out what else AirShou [ext link] has to offer by clicking on the given link

  • CoolPixel

CoolPixel is an excellent iRec alternative, with plenty of extra features. As well as being able to record what you want, including how-to videos, mini-presentations and much more in Full HD, you also get to choose from a whole heap of video editing features as well. With plenty to choose from, you can add a rich filter to your video to give it a movie-like effect, add dubbing and subtitles by swiping your finger and much more besides. For more details on what CoolPixel [ext link] offers and how to import your own videos of download from BGM online, follow the linked post.

iRec has always been incredibly popular and now its joined by two more popular screen recorders, AirShou and CoolPixel. Everyone is bound to find one that suits them so have a go, start with iRec and see how you get on. For more tips and tutorials, you can follow us on Facebook.

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