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It seems that Apple may finally be on a winning streak, as far as jailbreaks are concerned anyway. With so few around now, most users are without Cydia [ext link] and have been looking for another way to download their favorite apps and tweaks. For those on the early iOS versions, like iOS 8, jailbreaking hasn’t really been an option for some time because the later jailbreaks didn’t provide support but now we have a way to get back some of that content. Third-party app installers, like AppValley, are being released to bring back a little of Cydia without having to jailbreak first and AppValley has support for iOS 8 built-in.

Image : AppValley iOS 8 Download Tutorial

Offering a decent selection of Cydia tweaks and modified apps like Pokémon Go++ and Instagram++, AppValley also offers a huge selection of paid and premium apps for free. Fully supporting iOS 8 and Android devices too, it is one of the easiest to download. Because it isn’t an official app, it won’t come from the iOS app store but we’re going to show you all the ways you can download it.

Download AppValley iOS 8

For those on iOS 8, there are a couple of download methods – one easy and one a little more advanced. We also have a way for Android users to download AppValley.

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

This method requires your iOS 8 device, internet and Safari browser

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS 8 device and go to 
  2. Give our mobile page time to load and then tap the UP arrow , bottom center or top right of the screen 
  3. Now a new screen loads, choose Add to Home Screen from the options across the bottom of the screen 
  4. Type AppValley into the box to name the icon and tap Add 
  5. When you come out of Safari, the AppValley icon will be on your home page  

Video: Watch to see how to download AppValley on iOS 8

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

This is a more complicated method so do follow the steps exactly as written:

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS 8 device and go to this [ link ] 
  2. On the information page that loads, you will see an Install link , tap this so that the profile can be installed on your device
  3. When your settings app has opened, tap the link to Install Profile
  4. If asked, type your passcode in and Safari will open 
  5. Tap Install AppValley
  6. A confirmation box appears, tap Install and Settings will open again
  7. Tap on Install > Next > Done
  8. AppValley will be on your home page 

If the icon hasn’t appeared, it probably means that the installation has failed; repeat the steps above once more

Method 3: Android Only

AppValley has included support for Android users so, at long last, they can have some of the choices that iOS jailbreakers have had for so long. With AppValley, Android users can have the paid content for free, the modified apps and a few Cydia tweaks as well; a step by step download guide and more details can be found at the following link :

Fix AppValley Crashing :

AppValley will crash and stop working inside of a few days after installation because Apple will revoke the certificate. The only way that you can stop this happening is to install Anti Revoke, a VPN tool, after installing AppValley. This will protect the certificates, so they can’t be revoked; click the link and find out how to download Anti Revoke on iOS 8 .

Popular AppValley Apps :

AppValley is full of useful apps and tweaks, some of them proving more popular than others, like these two:

  • Snapchat++

Social media apps are always popular, and Snapchat is one of the most used of the messaging apps. However, it is missing a few basic features so, to give us those, Snapchat++ was developed. A modified version of the stock app, Snapchat++ offers all the stock features plus more, including the ability to spoof your location, have a better recording strength, and apply in-app customizations, among other features. Get all the details by clicking the given link.

  • AirShou

AirShou is a popular name among the jailbreak community, one of the best screen recorders ever released into Cydia. Now its available for everyone to download and has full support for iOS 8, offering a top-quality screen recording experience. Enjoy features such as stereo sound recording and 1080p screen recording, simple one-touch controls and more, all wrapped up in an easy to use app. Get all the details about AirShou in the linked article.

Popular Alternatives to AppValley :

AppValley isn’t going to suit all users, it may not offer the app or game that you are looking for. There are other installers and the following two both offer different content and they both support iOS 8:

  • vShare

At one time, vShare was only available as a Cydia repository but now everyone can take advantage of all the great content it contains. Full of premium apps and games for free, some Cydia tweaks and a few of the popular modified ++ apps, vShare [ext link] is definitely one of the most popular of all the app installers and you can find out how to download it by clicking the given link.

  • Emus4U

Emus4U is a little different because its main focus in on providing some of the more popular games emulators that we used to only get from Cydia. Now we can enjoy PS1, Nintendo and Gameboy console games on our iOS devices without having to go through Cydia first. Emus4U [ext link] also provides other content choices, including paid apps for free, tweaks and modified apps so get all the details on downloading it at the linked post.

For iOS 8 users, the choices are few now so app installers like AppValley are a godsend. Download it and tell us what you think of it and then follow us on Facebook for more up to date news.

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