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Jailbreaks are at a real premium right now, all coming to a stop after iOS 10 was released. Thankfully, we do have some app installers to fall back on, all of which support the earlier iOS versions, right back to iOS 7. All the installers offer a reasonable choice of Cydia [ext link] tweaks, modified apps, and other content and, even better, there is no need to jailbreak to use them. This means that those who are still on the earlier versions of the firmware, no longer supported by Apple, can still have some of their favorite jailbreak content. One of the newer installers is called AppValley and it is a pretty comprehensive installer.

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AppValley offers unfettered access to some of the best Cydia tweaks, lots of modified apps, like Snapchat++ and Spotify++, along with plenty of premium app store apps for free. It offers full support for iOS 7 as well as Android and it is very easy to download. You can’t get it from the app store; Apple wouldn’t consider allowing anything of this nature into the app store but we’re going to show you how to do it.

Download AppValley iOS 7 :

For iOS 7, there are two methods to choose from; for both, you will need your iOS device, the internet, and Safari browser [ no other browser works for this ]:

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Open this link or use this ( alternate linkappvalley app
  3. Now tap the UP arrow , top right [ iPad ] or bottom center [ iPhone ] , and a new page will open 
  4. At the bottom of the screen you will see several options; choose Add to Home Screen 
  5. Another page opens with a box on it , type AppValley in the box to name the app icon . Tap on Add and close Safari 
  6. Now you will see the AppValley con on your home page 

Video: See how to download AppValley on iOS 7

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

Important: follow these steps exactly as written otherwise AppValley will not be installed:

  1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and then open this [ link ]  
  2. An AppValley information page will load, tap the link to Install Directly , this will allow the profile to install on your device
  3. Your Settings app opens, tap the link to Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode and Safari browser opens 
  5. Tap Install AppValley and then tap Install to confirm your intentions 
  6. Settings opens again, tap on Install > Next 
  7. Tap on Done and the installation will complete 
  8. You can now start using AppValley on your iOS 7 device

If you can’t see the icon you will need to repeat the steps exactly as written

Method 3: Android Only

AppValley has built-in support for Android users, giving them the opportunity to experience some of the features that iOS users have long had with jailbreaking. Traditionally, Android users have never been able to have the paid app store content for free, the modified apps or the Cydia tweaks, despite having a more open platform, but now they can. Full details and a download tutorial can be found at the link below.

Stop AppValley Crashing :

Once you have downloaded AppValley and your choice of apps and tweaks, you must download an app called Anti Revoke. This will stop AppValley crashing within a few days of you installing it because Apple revokes the certificate. They do this because AppValley is not an official app and Anti Revoke [ext link] is the only way to protect your certificates. You can find all the details along with a download guide at the linked post.

Popular AppValley Apps :

AppValley has tons of apps and games for users to choose from and these are two of the most downloaded:

  • Snapchat++

Snapchat is one of the more popular social media apps, boasting millions if users every day. However, despite it being a feature-packed app, it doesn’t have everything it should have. Snapchat++, a modified version, contains all the stock features and some extras to improve the user experience, including location spoofing, increasing record strength and customizing parts of the app, alongside many more features. Find out what Snapchat++ has to offer and how you can download it by clicking the link

  • AirShou

Screen Recorders will always be a popular choice and AirShou has definitely got the vote of many. Released as a Cydia screen recorder, AirShou can now be downloaded without a jailbreak so everyone can enjoy the features, including the ability to record in 1080p and add stereo sound, with lots of other features in an intuitive and easy to use app. Get all the details about AirShou and a download guide at the link.

Popular Alternatives to AppValley :

AppValley may be packed with content but it isn’t the only app installer. If you want something that isn’t in AppValley then try one of these two:

  • vShare

vShare is a popular installer because it has been around for so long. Originally, vShare was a repository in Cydia and still is for those that have a jailbreak but now some of its content can be downloaded outside of Cydia. It’s the installer of choice for many who want free paid apps and games, some of the top modified apps and Cydia tweaks and loads more content. Even better, it is fully supported on iOS 7 so click the link and find out how to download vShare [ext link].

  • Emus4U

Emus4U is another popular installer because it focuses on games emulators, one of the most downloaded content types from Cydia. These let us play those old PS1, Nintendo, Gameboy and other console games on our iOS devices and now we can all use them without the need to jailbreak first. Emus4U [ext link ]has a range of other content too so find out how you can download it by clicking the link.

For those on iOS 7, app installers like AppValley are the best bet, offering quite a bit of choice so tell us how you get on with downloading AppValley and follow us on Facebook for more tips and tutorials like this

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