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With iOS 11 only a few weeks old, and given the performance of iOS 10, it should come as no surprise to use that Apple has already pushed out a couple of updates, the latest one being the iOS 11.0.3 download [ext link]. All the updates have been to fix specific bugs along with a few performance and security enhancements and the speed at which they have been released suggests that we may well be in the same position as iOS 10 when it comes to jailbreaks.

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Useable utilities are in woefully short supply right now but we do still have an alternative way of downloading some of the best Cydia [ext link] content without having to install a jailbreak first. AppValley installer was released to provide us with free access to paid content from the app store as well as a decent choice of Cydia tweaks and some of the best modified apps, such as Spotify++, SnapChat++, Pokémon Go++ and MovieBox. Even better, it now supports iOS 11.0.3 so here’s how to download it.

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How to Download AppValley iOS 11.0.3 :

Although you can’t get AppValley from the iOS app store it is simple to download; you just need your iOS device, the internet and Safari browser

  1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Go to   
  3. Tap the UP arrow on the web page , bottom center or top right of the screen  
  4. Tap on Add to Home Screen form the options on-screen  
  5. Type AppValley into the box to name the icon and then tap the Add button  
  6. Now when you come out of Safari, you will see the AppValley icon on the home screen 

Video: How to download AppValley on iOS 11.0.3

Note :

When you use AppValley to download your apps and tweaks, be sure to download Anti Revoke [ext link] as well. By blocking attempts to verify your app certificates, Anti Revoke stops those certificates from being revoked, thus stopping your apps from crashing.

AppValley is one of a long line of app installers, all vying to take the place of Cydia. While AppValley is undeniably one of the best, it isn’t going to replace Cydia because it simply doesn’t offer the same choice of content. However, for some, it is the best we have right now and it does offer a reasonable level of tweaks and other content. And it’s an excellent choice for anyone who really doesn’t want to jailbreak but still wants to have some extra features on their iOS devices.

You have nothing to lose by trying AppValley so download it and tell us what you think of it. To make sure you get all the latest developer updates, follow us on Facebook.

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