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With no new jailbreaks in sight for the immediate future and with not too many behind us from iOS 10 either, the jailbreak community is desperately searching out a way of downloading tweaked apps and paid iOS app store content for free. Without Cydia [ext link], this shouldn’t be possible but, just recently, we have seen several app installers, each vying for the crown that Cydia wears. None of them have come too close to what Cydia offers but they do give us some of what we are missing; the latest to be released is called AppValley.

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AppValley provides free access to all the free and paid content in the iOS app store, along with some content that isn’t in the store. You can also download some tweaked or modified apps as well. AppValley does work on Android and on PC as well but we are going to concentrate on how to download AppValley on iOS 10 for now. It is simple to do but you won’t be downloading it from the iOS app store. What you will need is your iOS device on any version of iOS 10, No Computer required and No Jailbreak either. Here’s how to download AppValley on iOS 10.

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How to Download AppValley on iOS 10 :

You may only do this using Safari browser so, if you are using any other as your default or main browser on iOS, don’t bother trying them:

  1. From your iPad or iPhone home screen, open Safari browser 
  2. Go to 
  3. Our specially designed mobile web page will now load up so wait for it and then look for the UP arrow , it will be at the top or bottom of your screen , and tap on it 
  4. Now you will see a few new options on the bottom of your screen so choose Add to Home Screen 
  5. Now you need to type in a name for the app icon so call it AppValley and then tap on Add 
  6. When you close Safari you will see the AppValley app icon on one of your home screens 

Video: Watch to see these steps

Note :

After downloading AppValley on iOS 10 , you must download Anti Revoke [ext link] app on your iPhone . Anti Revoke app installation is the only way to fix your app certificate revocation issues, keeping your apps running without crashing every 7 days later .

AppValley may be the only option some users have for iOS 10 right now, given that there are few jailbreaks and those that we do have are only for a certain group of users. Let us know if you decide to try AppValley and what you think of it as an alternative to Cydia; follow us on Facebook for all the latest jailbreak news.

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