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AppValley download works on a wide range of iOS devices. You cannot download AppValley from the iOS app store though because Apple won’t allow it.

Don’t worry because it is simple to download and very easy to use afterward.

Download AppValley


That is just one of the thing that AppValley provides, access to all the paid content in the iOS app store without the need to jailbreak first. It also gives us access to some apps that are not in the app store and works on Android devices as well.

It will also work on Android devices and on PC but, for that, you will require an Android emulator. For now, let’s look at how to download AppValley on iOS.

Quick Links :

How to Download AppValley :

All the methods to download AppValley app is listed below with details.

This involves downloading the configuration profile to your device so do make sure you follow these steps carefully:

  1. Launch AppValley app and go to the iOS version of your device. Click on the download link .
  2. On the page that loads, tap on Directly Install to iOS Device , this will let the profile download
  3. Settings opens automatically to the Profile page; tap on Install Profile
  4. If needed, input your passcode and Safari will open
  5. Tap on Install AppValley and then Install when the confirmation window pops up
  6. Let your Settings app open automatically again and then tap on Install  
  7. Tap Next > Install on the next two screens
  8. Tap Done and let AppValley install on your device

If the installation does not happen it means you haven’t properly followed the steps so, try again

Method 2: Android Only

Android users might think that they have a much better platform than iOS users, but they can’t jailbreak and that means losing out on a lot of features and content. Not only can iOS users download as much awesome content as they want for free, they also get functional tweaks, extra features, and apps that have been modified with lots of new features. With AppValley, Android users get to experience some of that so follow the link below to find out how.

Stop AppValley Not Working Issues :

While there is no doubt that AppValley is one of the best app installers that we have, it does have one inherent issue attached to it , it will keep on crashing. Any app installer, any jailbreak or any independent app that is installed in this way is not considered to be a valid app as far as Apple is concerned, mainly because they don’t sign the certificate and don’t allow them into the app store. Because of this, they will revoke the AppValley Certificate within 7 days of you installing the app, causing the app to crash and you losing everything you installed through it. When you reinstall AppValley, they will simply do the same again. There is a way to stop this from happening though and that is to download Anti Revoke [ext link], a new tool that prevents Apple from verifying and revoking your certificates, so they cannot crash. You can find more information about Anti Revoke at the given link, where you will also find a download guide.

Popular AppValley Apps :

With so much to choose from, AppValley is one of the more feature rich installers and there are some apps that are downloaded more than others, including:

  • AirShou


A highly popular screen recorder app, AirShou disappeared from Cydia some time ago and it was soon forgotten about. However, it is back, and the developers have been working on it to provide more features, support for more devices and to allow it to work without Cydia. Download AirShou [ext link] today by following the linked tutorial.

  • Snapchat++


Messaging apps are very popular right now and millions of people use Snapchat every day. But, despite all the cool features in the app, it isn’t perfect and there are a few fundamental features missing. Snapchat++ fills the gap, providing us with all the stock features plus a few extras, like the ability to customize the app and increase record strength. Find out more by following the given link to download Snapchat++ .

Popular AppValley Alternatives :

AppValley is not the only app installer, several others have also been released so, if you can’t find what you want in AppValley, try one of these:

  • TweakBox


TweakBox is full of useful apps, tweaks, and games with plenty to choose from for just about every taste. With all the content put into easy-to-use categories, it’s a simple job to find what you are looking for. Find a whole range of Cydia tweaks, modified apps, like Snapchat++ and Spotify++ and lots of other apps for free. Download TweakBox [ext link] today by following the link to more information and a download guide.

  • Emus4U


Emus4U is a good choice for those who want their games emulators back. These are useful for letting us play console games on our devices, such as those from the Gameboy, PS1, and Nintendo, something that wouldn’t be possible without the emulators. Alongside those, there is lots of other modified content, apps, games, and tweaks, all for free. Find out how to download Emus4U [ext link] by clicking on the given link.

Is AppValley something you are going to try, or doesn’t it appeal to you ? Maybe one of the other app installers will have something that suits you better. It could be some time before we see another jailbreak so AppValley may be the only option you have for now. Tell us what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more news and updates.

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  1. Thats great AppValley team. I love AppValley, its the best since past few months. nobody comes near it in terms of modified apps. Not even Tutu

  2. AppValley worked for me the very first time i downloaded it. Its better than vshare and other app installers.cheers to AppValley Team.

  3. Awesome place to get Hacked app. I knew about AppValley before but never tried it. This tutorial made download instructions very easy. Thanks

  4. AppValley even works on my older iPhone 4s, OMG. that thing is literally obsolete . still ApValley guys made it support the old iPhone. so good, i feel great today . !!!

  5. App valley does not seem to have a way to download apps
    Am I doing something wrong or are apps not available to download via app valley yet ?

  6. This download style has worked wonders for me. After following the above steps, clicking on the app icon takes me to AppValley. I was able to download Spotify++ , Facebook++ , Youtube+++. But how do i download Snapchat++

    Any help will be really appreciated.

  7. Ok I followed the instructions and it put AppValley on my home screen.. and when I tap it , voila , i can download so many modified and awesome app. you name it , they have it .

      • Can you help me I added it to my home screen but it is still not working and I have internet what do I do please help

  8. Hey I got AppValley downloaded but when I tap *get* to download an app, an error message pops up saying “cannot connect to”. What should I do?

  9. I have the latest iOS on my iPad. I tried both install methods and the 1st only takes me to your website. The second immediately goes to “Install success” but never comes up with a dialog box about profile installation. It doesn’t even install an icon on my home page. Help!

    • I’m in the same boat as you 🙁 have you had a reply yet?
      I’m trying to download on my iPhone X but not having any luck 🙁

  10. Hola e instalado la versión iOS 11 AppValley la última del día 26/01/20118 pero la instalo se va a pantalla y se abre la página web y no la aplicación alguien me puede ayudar o decirme si funciona para el iPhone 7 plus

  11. Mine cut off this morning (it occasionally does that) so I went in to download app valley again it won’t 😥. Spotify is my life, I’m kinda freaked out that I can’t get it back.

  12. I need your help I need Spotify, Snapchat to text my boy friend & I need musically to follow my friends so I can do some of them with my friends!

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