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With so few jailbreaks to choose from right now, some users are looking for alternative ways to download paid iOS app store content for free. We have found the answer in an app installer called AppValley, the latest installer to offer up some of what Cydia does but not enough to permanently take its place.

Image : Delete AppValley App

While many users would prefer to install Cydia [ext link], for now, we have little choice but to wait and see whether any more jailbreaks are going to come out of the woodwork. That means having to make do, wither with no jailbreak or with the features that AppValley offers. For more details on what you can get with AppValley, check out the article below :

AppValley works on all iOS devices on IOS 10 and iOS 11, making it one of the more versatile app installers of its kind. You won’t be able to download it from the app store but, if you check out the articles below, you will find full instructions on how to download AppValley on iOS :

Some users have already downloaded AppValley and, while most are happy with it, there are some who have found it doesn’t do what they want it to do or isn’t working quite right on their devices. For those, here are the instructions on how to delete AppValley:

How to Delete AppValley :

This really is a very simple procedure:

  1. Locate the app icon on your iPhone or iPad home screen 
  2. Long press on the icon until it starts to wiggle , you will also see a cross in the top corner 
  3. Tap on this cross and a confirmation screen will popup asking if you want to continue. Tap on Delete 
  4. AppValley app will now be permanently deleted from your iOS device

Video : Step by Step Video of above

Now, if you want to reinstall it, simply follow the instructions in the linked articles above.

Let us know if you come across any serious errors while using AppValley and follow us on Facebook for the latest news and jailbreak updates.

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