AppValley Android APK

AppValley app , also provides support for Android devices.

Android users will need to download the AppValley APK, which is the application package file that allows you to install the app on your Android device.

Android APK

Downloading AppValley APK :

You will need to follow these next steps very closely to make sure that AppValley can be installed , don’t miss out one single step or it won’t work:

  1. First, on your Android mobile device, open the Settings app
  2. Tap on Security and then look for the option that says Unknown Source options
  3. Make sure the box beside it is ticked and then exit Settings
  4. Now, on your Mac or PC, you must download the AppValley APK from the download button above.
  5. Extract the contents [ it will be a zip file ] and then add the .apk to an email and send it to yourself
  6. Now go to your Android device and open your email
  7. Download the attachment you just sent yourself and note where it is saved to on your device
  8. Find it, and tap on it to install it 
  9. Wait for the installation to finish and you will be able to start using AppValley on your Android device

How to Fix AppValley Crashing :

AppValley users on both iOS and Android have discovered that, 7 days after they downloaded the app, it crashed. There is a very simple explanation for this , the app certificate is not valid. Because it is signed by a third party developer, when either Apple or Google attempts to verify the certificate, they will see that it isn’t valid, and they will revoke it. This causes it to crash and you must install it all over again. Not only is that irritating, you also lose all the apps you installed through AppValley.

There is a very simple way to stop this from happening; after you download AppValley and any app that you want to use, download Anti Revoke [ext link]. A small tool, this installs a VPN on your device that blocks the verification of the certificate, meaning it can’t be revoked. Anti Revoke is a vital tool if you use App Valley so check out the linked post for more details and a full download guide.

AppValley Alternative :

AppValley is not the only app installer that you can use on your Android device. Although it is packed with features, it doesn’t contain everything that you might want. There are other installers that contain different features, such as games emulators and different apps and tweaks, not to mention a series of modified apps and games, like Snapchat++, Pokémon Go++, Instagram++ and Spotify++. Check out the other installers linked below, all free to use on Android :

Do be aware that, if you use one of the above app installers, you will need to download NessTool [ext link] in addition to it. This is very similar to Anti Revoke tool , stopping the app certificates from being revoked.

AppValley is a very easy app to use and it will give you access to loads of content that you previously wouldn’t have been able to get. Where iOS users can use jailbreaking to give their devices a few Android features, you too can use AppValley and experience some of the iOS features, as well as having access to loads of awesome app store content.

If you can’t get on with AppValley for some reason, it doesn’t do what you want it to do or you experience trouble with it, all you need to do is delete it, the same way that you delete an app normally.

We are always looking for iOS features that can be installed on Android devices too, like the installers and other apps. Tell us what you think of AppValley, or any other installer you choose to use, and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest Android news.

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  1. Hi. I have tried to install AppValley APK on my Android Galasy S8 , works great , no issues at all. Could you please help me to install AppValley on my Android tablet Samsung Galaxy Note ?.. Thanks!

    • bonjour j’ai un problème avec l’installation de appvalley sur mon galaxy s6 edge car le fichier est un fichier en .apk et non en .zip et même en convertissant le fichier ça ne fonctionne pas

      merci de me répondre au plus vite

  2. Hi I tried it on my Samsung Galaxy A7 and getting the message ” There was a problem while parsing the package.” and nothing happens. Please help.

  3. additional info :: Unknown source has been checked under Lock and Security. Also tried USB debugging option. Security is also disabled.

  4. i am on HTC Desire 820 andriod 4.4, and when i open the apk it says “There was a problem while parsing the package”, pls help.

  5. extract the contents
    Find the .apk file and email it to yourself
    On your Android device, open that email and download the .apk
    Find it on your Android device, tap on it and wait for it to install
    Once the installation has completed, you can start using AppValley on your device

  6. I have a honor 8 lite….i installed it but the proplem is its an apk how to extract it… It didn’t show up as a zip file neither on my phone nor on my lap

  7. Having problems installing keeps saying problems with parsing the package. this is on my samsung tablet 2. also have same problem with emu

  8. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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